Peter Ratner Recording Services:

Mixing and Editing of Recorded Material

Re-recording, overdubbing, mixing and editing of recorded material. Processing includes EQ, compression-limiting, reverberation, noise reduction, stereo base expansion. We can modify and improve recorded material almost in any way - correct pitch, tempo, remove plosives and excessive "sss" sounds, replace or add samples to your drums, revive dull sound of DI bass, and much more. 

For mixing you will have a choice to work either with Peter or with another mixing engineer.

Location and on-site Audio Recording

Live on-location recording. We record symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber groups, soloists, jazz-bands, rock-groups. Up to 24-track simultaneous digital recording in 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz format with first-class microphones and pre-amplification. Right after live recording sessions artists can listen to their performances and correct any selection if needed at the same space and with the same setting. We come to your gig to capture your best performance.

Post-Production and Audio Restoration

Audio post production includes addition of special effects for your video, dialog replacement, addition of especially composed music theme and songs. We collaborate with professional composers who will work on your ideas and make a project complete.

If you need to restore or enhance your audio recording we can offer our restoration service. We can remove hiss, rumble, unwanted noises like the sounds of air-conditioners, cars, airplane – everything that ruins your otherwise good recording you made at home. 

How to send us your tracks and prices for our services

  • When you have your recording ready you have to prepare a separate tracks to send to us - like drums, bass, vocals, guitars, etc... You could send them using DropBox or services like 
  • Please be sure that your tracks are properly labelled. We receive tracks  in 44.1 or 48 kHz and 24 bit, as waves or aiff files. Let us know if you would like to send your files in other formats, for example 96 kHz, 32 bits and so on.
  • We would be glad to receive your reference track to show us in what style and how you'd like your tracks to be mixed. Two revisions of your mix will be provided, with turnaround about 6 to 10 days. If you need to get your mix sooner - send us email with details.
  • Every song is different so are prices for our services. Depending on your material we calculate time we might spend for mixing and give you an option to pay by hour or to use our flat fee schedule.

We accept payments via PayPal, Venmo and Credit Cards.

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