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Are you an artist working on your album for a while? Or are you a band who needs just a finishing touch to get your hit single out? You are at the right place!

We are offering highest quality audio recording, hi-resolution mixing, including spatial mixing, mastering and producing services in Anchorage, Alaska.


Current Projects

Frostline Studio Collaboration

Working on projects recorded at Frostline Studios during 2021 - Marie Meade with Yngvil Vattn Guttu producing, Phillip Blanchet solo album, as well as John Damberg LP.

ADA Blackjack Rising

Mixing and mastering of the final soundtrack for ADA Blackjack Rising documentary by Brice Habeger of Peak 3 Video Production company.


Jensen Hall Creative

I had great time working with very talented videographers Scott Jensen and Carolyn Hall on Spenard Jazz Festival project! Check it out here.


Juliana Osinchuk

I have worked with Peter Ratner on numerous projects over the last few years. I am always impressed with Peter's keen musical instincts and technical expertise. His recordings put the listener in the middle of the concert hall. Bravo Peter!

Anchorage Festival of Music 
Steinway Piano Concert Artist 

Milo Matthews

Peter offered to do a mix of one of my songs to see If I wanted to continue to work with him, so I gave him one of my toughest mixes. What I got back was an epic multi dimensional mix that made me feel like I was inside the song itself. I never thought that my songs could reach a depth beyond my own understanding of my own ideal sound.

Bass Player, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer