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There is always something going on and we work in studio mixing or recording on location almost all the time.


New Live Jazz CD is out!

Peter just finished mixing Alex Cruver Jazz Trio CD recorded by Lucy Peckham live at Spenard Jazz Festival last year.

Great compositions and cool performances with supporting crowd - what else do you need?

Studio at work:

Peter just finished working on new John Teamer album "Out of Bleu". Golden hits and incredible voice, what could be better?! Another John's album Do Things Like That of original songs is also completed.

Congratulations to Dan Mac! His new album 907 Central was recorded with Ray Booker, Mike Doolin, John Damberg and Cameron Cartland and received a great review at Anchorage Daily News.

Album was mixed, mastered and co-produced by Peter and was release in June 2013.

Recent projects:

Susan Brakeall CD is mixed and mastered and released. It was recorded by Mark Pearson and Susan herself at "Stray Dogma" studio.

Peter finished surround DVD project for Anchorage band "Enterprise". 30 years old 4-track tape recordings were digitized and transferred to 5.1 format. Stay tuned for more.

I've been working with Peter for a couple of years now, since we first collaborated on a solo piano CD which he'd engineered. I loved how he'd captured the sonorities and spirit of the music, and he appreciated how the mastering added the icing on the cake, and so we've worked on a number of ensemble jazz projects since then.

- Eric James, PhD., Mastering Engineer, Sound On Sound Reviewer, UK


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