Location Recording

Live on-location recording. We record symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber groups, soloists, jazz-bands, rock-groups. Up to 24-track simultaneous digital recording in 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz format with first-class microphones and pre-amplification. Right after live recording sessions artists can listen to their performances and correct any selection if needed at the same space and with the same setting. We come to your gig to capture your best performance.


Mixing and Editing of Recorded Material and Post-Production

Re-recording, overdubbing, mixing and editing of recorded material. Processing includes EQ, compression-limiting, reverberation, noise reduction, stereo base expansion. We can modify and improve recorded material almost in any way - correct pitch, tempo, remove plosives and excessive "sss" sounds, replace or add samples to your drums, revive dull sound of DI bass, and much more. Audio post production includes addition of special effects for your video, dialog replacement, addition of especially composed music theme and songs. We collaborate with professional composers who will work on your ideas and make a project complete.


Audio Restoration

If you need to restore or enhance your audio recording we can offer our restoration service. We can remove hiss, rumble, unwanted noises like the sounds of air-conditioners, cars, airplane everything that ruins your otherwise good recording you made at home. We also can take your old favorite LP and transfer it to CD or DVD without clicks and crackles. If you want your archival recording with important speeches to be preserved and transferred to new media we would help you with that as well.


Examples of live recordings:

Unmastered version of Yngvil Vatn Guttu band performance of "Kachemak City Lights" on June 13 2010, at Spenard Jazz Festival. Yngvil Vatn Guttu-trumpet, Rick Zelinsky-sax, Dan McElrath-electric piano, Errol Bressler-bass, Cameron Cartland-drums. Recorded live at Organic Oasis. Recorded and mixed by Peter Ratner.
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"Turnagain". A track from Dan Mac Band CD "Ajazzka". Composed by Dan McElrath. Recorded in two live sessions and mixed by Peter Ratner. Mastered by Eric James, at Philosophersbarn Mastering, England. E-piano Solo - Dan McElrath, Sax Solo - Rick Zelinsky.
Part of Evgeny Chernonog Quartet performance of Round About Midnight by T. Monk. Jeff Hall on saxophone. Recorded live at Steinway Piano Gallery of Alaska.
Page Moon performs Scriabin Etude in F sharp minor, Op. 8 No. 2. Recorded live at Svetlana Velichko Studio, Anchorage, AK.

Video on YouTube made for our artists:



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