Recently, a new type of audio recording service has emerged – mixing online. With today’s communication technologies it’s quick and efficient, yet the artist has a say at every stage of the project.

Peter Ratner: "I started offering mixing online about year and half ago. Eric James in a way influenced this decision. When I was in England at his beautiful mastering space and observed how he dealt with his clients all around the world it was very revealing. I came home in Alaska and started working with musicians in other states and countries. I worked with clients in Atlanta and Seattle, Russia and New Zealand and also with musicians here in Alaska.

Great example is a project with Milo Matthews. Working with him was very interesting for many reasons. He is incredible bass player, singer as well as a composer and he plays many instruments. He knows technical aspects of recording and he can communicate his musical ideas to people in many different places and get results. For his latest double CD “Miles of Eva” he recorded his materials in Juneau, Anchorage, Homer and I have no idea where else. So, when he asked and I offered him a free sample of mixing we went on almost 6 month journey. Milo was recording his new tunes and I was mixing. Many songs and many styles later we got it."

Couple of examples from “Miles of Eva”:

"Miles" by M. Matthews. (DJ Beat by N. Palma Jr., Everything else by Milo; Mixed by Peter, mastered by Eric James); Please wait for several seconds before tunes start
Mother Earth Part 1 by M. Matthews. (Percussion - Colin Tolman, John Sheipe, Milo; Voices - Shawn Zuke, Brenda Coleman, Kera Jones, Kane Mack Williams, Cindy McKenna; Mixed by Peter, mastered by Eric James)

Samples of Recent Mixing Projects:

"I Can't Lie" by Ivan Night, Mixed and mastered by Peter, January 2014);

Please wait for several seconds before tunes start


If you are interested in our Mixing Online service, please fill out the form at the next page and send us a request. The recording that you make at the comfort of your home without spending too much money on expensive studio space will be mixed to the highest standards according to your directions.

A glowing review: “Over the past 20 years my experience with most recording engineers had been a learning experience, but came with tons of stress. That is why in the past five years I have chosen to work alone but feeling something missing in my mixes. One day a friend was talking to me about a engineer he was working with that made his music feel like someone had shoved a whole box of Altoids in his mouth. I had never heard such a rave review, and being on the verge of recording my double CD, I knew it was time to open up to another pair of ears on the project. That is when I called Peter Ratner. Peter offered to do a mix of one of my songs to see If I wanted to continue to work with him, so I gave him one of my toughest mixes. What I got back was an epic multi dimensional mix that made me feel like I was inside the song itself. I never thought that my songs could reach a depth beyond my own understanding of my own ideal sound.

Peter has a unique understanding and knowledge of templates, EQ’s, finalizing, and mastering that make even the dullest recordings come to life. Working with Peter Ratner opened the door to a new world of understanding music on a level that has changed the way I look at music forever. Peter has respect for the artist’s vision without ego or judgment that allows the artist to leave with a sense of confidence, accomplishment, and a feeling one would have of completing a educational degree in recording. Peter Ratner’s professional work ethic, and passion surpasses all of the other recording engineers I’ve ever work with. I can only imagine what he can do for an artist with no experience, but has a dream to share their music with the world. I look forward to working with “Peter Ratner Recording” on many Projects to come. Thank You Peter for helping me believe in myself and recording engineers again.”

Milo Matthews

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