Microphones: We have the perfect microphone for every circumstance, including vintage and modern tube microphones, condensers, dynamic and ribbon mics. Brands include Royer, Earthworks, Shure, Audiotechnica, AKG, Cascade, Oktava, Nevaton, Rode (M.Jolly modded), Audix, Cascades and more.

Sound Recorders: For sessions "on location", we will use either a 24 channel digital recorder or a separate 8 track recorder. For overdubbing and tracking in studio we use a software-hardware combination with almost unlimited track count. Most sessions are recorded in 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz formats. Recorders and converters include several newest like RME UFX, Focusrites as well as Alesis HD24XR and Lexicon.


Preamplifiers: Pre-amplifiers can transfer the sound as clean as it is or add some character. We use direct microphone-pre-amp inputs out to recorder, bypassing any other stages of amplification. This allows the cleanest, punchiest, most dynamic audio possible. The quality of pre-amp directly affects the quality of your final product. We use such great tube and solid-state pre-amps as Focusrite ISA One and TwinTrak Pro, Groove Tube SuPre, Grace Design M101, True System Precision 8, FMR Audio, AEA TRP, A Design Pacifica and GP Pre73 ZenPro Audio modded Neve clones.

Computers and monitoring: We will record your performance live at concert hall or church or club, but main editing and mixing will be done in studio. We use modern monitoring systems - all passive Coleman Audio M3PH MKII, JBL LSR 4328 series with subwoofer, Dynaudio Acoustics, Auratone clones as wells Ultrasone 750 and Sennheiser 650 headphones. The DAW systems are based on ADK Pro Audio build PC-computers, including newest 12-core X79 Intel Sandy-Bridge Express with 32 GB memory. The outboard hardware include Bricasti M7, Drawmer 1968 ME tube compressor, Yamaha Rev-7, Lexicon LXP15, Lexicon MPX 1, Dramastic Audio Obsidian Stereo Compressor (SSL type), Emperical Labs Distressors with British Mode, Lexicon, UAD-Quad cards, and Focusrite LiquidMix as well as tube or solid-state pre-amps.



Recording and Editing: Our recording/editing software includes 32 and 64 bit Cubase 7.5-8, WaveLab 8.5, Acid Pro 7, Reason 8, Pro-Tools 9, Melodyne, RX4 Advanced. Plugins include Waves Mercury 9 bundle, all UAD plugins, Sonalksis, Chandler EMI Abbey Road bundle, Altiverb 6, Tsar-1, Lexicon PCM Native bundle, Nebula Pro 3, Flux, almost all Izotope plugins with Ozone 5 Advanced, Elysia Alpha Compressor, Samplitude Native bundle, T-Racks bundle, Audio Damage, CRS, Steven Slate, PSP, Softube bundle, NI Komplete 108 Ultimate, Arturia, Spectrasonics, etc.

Music instruments and VSTi: We use Yamaha and Korg synths, vocoders, Kaoss Pad KP3, Rhodes Mark I, Arturia VSTis, Fender and Marchall combos, NI Komplete 10 Bundle, all Spectrasonics VSTis, Rob Papen synths, Korg VSTi bundle, Rapture, Waldorf, Addictive Drums, all GForce VSTis, and many more.


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